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Be Prepared for Her Meltdown

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There are two ways your ex girlfriend’s new relationship can go – happily ever after or a return to ashes. Believe it or not, the latter is more likely. Rebound relationships have a high failure rate because they typically begin for all the wrong reasons. So the odds are in your favor that your ex girlfriend will face a meltdown at some point in the near future.

This can be a golden opportunity for you to make a positive impression on her if you plan accordingly. The hard part is planting the seeds for success long before your time comes. Basically you have two roadblocks in your way… trust and desire. These feelings need to be in place when her new love disintegrates.

How do you nurture these feelings after a breakup? The most effective way is to just be there for her. It sounds easy but of course there is a catch. You have to play it straight without pushing your feelings on her AND stay away from the friends zone. Being honest from the start is your best option.

Sometime after the break up, when things have cooled down enough to call her, tell her that you understand why she needed a break. Be supportive of the break up (even if you have to lie about it). Let your ex know that you still love her but you promise to give her the space she needs. Remind her that if she ever needs anything she can call you anytime… and then walk away.

This simple strategy will rebuild her confidence in you and create some mystery as to where your paths will cross again. Stay in her thoughts by being friendly from a distance. Let her experiment with the new boyfriend. This will be difficult I know, but keep in mind that you are setting yourself up for another chance down the road.

The time will come when your ex girlfriend needs someone to talk to. It might be when her new boyfriend dumps her, or it could be a different life-changing event where she needs to lean on a trusted source. If you do the right things she will look to you for support… and the opportunity to get her back will be there.

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