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Attract Her Back with the Real You

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Desperation is a natural reaction when your girlfriend breaks up with you. You might feel a sense of panic which leads to trying everything you can to get her back. While it is understandable to try and get your ex back, you should also be careful not to sacrifice your values or change too much.

The negative of spending too much effort on changing your “old ways” is that you could attract your ex back under false pretenses. In other words, if you adjust your personality solely to get her back, then she will not be attracted to the real you. Once you become more comfortable in the relationship, then your real personality is likely to show through again which will bring up the problems that led to your initial breakup.

The bottom line is that it is okay to make changes if you are trying to improve yourself or correct faults. But you should never change your lifestyle just to impress someone. These types of changes are not healthy for you, and eventually the fakeness will show through and you will be back where you started.

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Attract Her Back with the Real You

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