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Asking Your Ex Girlfriend Out

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Once you get to the point where you and your ex girlfriend are talking and being friendly again, you begin to think about if you should ask them out. Obviously this is a tough decision because there are really only two outcomes…either they say “yes” and everything is good…or they say “no” and your relationship becomes very uncertain.

So how do you know when the time is right? Well for starters you should be listening to how she talks about you. If she uses the word “friends” to describe your relationship then you have more a lot more work to do. But if you start to feel the electricity building between you, and you are laughing and having “moments” together, then the momentum is definitely on your side.

What is the best way to ask your ex girlfriend out for the first time? No matter how well things are going with your ex since your breakup you still have to focus on impressing them. Don’t remind them of the “old days” by taking them somewhere you have been a hundred times.

Get creative and come up with a fun and engaging activity that will take the stress out of your first date back together. Concerts, sporting events, and amusement parks are all good choices. A fun activity will make it easy much easier to pop the question. Start with something like “Amy, I’ve got 2 great seats for the Coldplay concert, and I was hoping you would go with me.”

If there is any sparks of romance left then she will have no second thoughts about saying “YES”. The key is to make an offer that she can’t refuse.

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Asking Your Ex Girlfriend Out

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