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3 Things Your Ex Boyfriend is Looking For

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The fast track to fixing a breakup is to use a simple “has vs needs” approach. The concept is to identify what your boyfriend needs in a girl and compare that to what you provided him. This requires a great deal of honesty here, so you really need to open your mind.

To help you get started I’m going to list some common things men look for in a partner. See if they match any of the breakup excuses your ex gave you…

This is one subject that many avoid, but the fact is a lot of men do consider looks an important part of dating. Beauty is subjective and that’s why you need to play off the things you know about your ex boyfriend. An easy way to get a feel for their preference is to think about their favorite celebrities. How do they wear their hair? What kind of style do they have? What roles do they play in movies?

Fun Factor
Are you fun to be around? This is another tough question to ask yourself. Here’s the thing though, dating is about sharing and enjoying each others time. There should be lots of smiles, laughs and memorable moments. If you can’t remember the last time you and your ex laughed out loud together then this is a problem. Of course not everyone is comedian, but it shouldn’t be hard to make your partner smile.

An often overlooked secret to successful relationships is a supportive partner. Giving your man the opportunity to explore his dreams is so important. Did you support him when he said he wanted to start a business? How about when he wanted to go out with the guys? We all need to express our individuality, and if that need goes unfulfilled then we will find another outlet.

These three things are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your ex boyfriend’s needs. Heck, these may not even represent his needs at all! But one thing is certain… somewhere along the line your ex wasn’t getting what he wanted. Identify and fix those issues if you want another shot with him.

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3 Things Your Ex Boyfriend is Looking For

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